Beautiful Words in Arabic

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There are so many romantic, beautiful words in Arabic that our list contains quite a few love-related words. We hope that you enjoy reading through and that if you’re looking for a special Arabic word in particular that you find what you need.

Before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at why you’d want to have a look at a list of beautiful Arabic words.

If you’re playing an online word game, you might find it useful to have these cultural words that others don’t. It may also help with your creative pursuits – whether you’re writing poetry, lyrics, stories, or articles, you might find yourself needing a word that we don’t have in English.

Arabic is a Central Semitic language and is categorised as a macrolanguage which is made up of 30 modern types. Modern Standard Arabic is used today in educational settings, as well as general workplaces, government and media. Many European languages (mostly Spanish and Portuguese) have been influenced by Arabic as it was a major cultural force in Europe, acting as a vehicle for science, philosophy and maths. Other languages that Arabic has influenced include Urdu (which we also have a beautiful words post on), Kashmiri, Kurdish, Bosnian, Hindi, Malay, Pashto, Punjabi, Tagalog, Sindhi and Hausa. Greek and Persian have in turn influenced Arabic, with Arabic borrowing words from both languages. All types of Arabic are spoken by approximately 422 million people, which makes it the fifth most spoken language. This makes it a versatile and useful thing to learn, which is where lists of beautiful words like this one can come in handy.

If this list has got you interested in other beautiful words in Arabic and you’d like to have a deeper look at what this language has to offer, Duolingo has plenty of great lessons to educate you and keep you interested. Aside from being generally helpful in everyday speech and use, these beautiful words can be great to use in creative expressions like stories and poems, or competitive endeavours like group games or spelling bees, and can help you out when you’re travelling too.

List of Beautiful Words in Arabic

  • فردوس / firdaus (n.) paradise.
  • عشق / ishq (n.) an eternal love.
  • يا قمر / ya amar (n.) translates to “my most beautiful”, or “my moon”.
  • النعيم / al naaem (n.) bliss
  • حرية / horeeya (n.) freedom.
  • رَحمة / rahma (n.) sympathy or kindness.
  • قلب / qalb (n.) heart
  • مدعوك / mad’ouk (adj.) to have learned and be strengthened by life experiences.
  • ازْدِهار / fawra (n.) bloom, flowering
  • شُفِيَ / sahha (adj.) healed
  • أشاقكَ / ‘ashaqak (n.) meaning “your hardships”.
  • اغتبط / eghtabat (n.) a state of becoming happier.
  • نُهى / noha (n.) a combination of reason and intelligence.
  • أمل / amal (n.) hope
  • يتوهّجُ / yatawahaj (adj.) glowing.
  • يقبرني / ya’aburnee (n.) translates to, “you bury me” – meaning that you love someone to the extent that you hope to pass before they do.
  • الكاف / kef (n.) drowsy happiness/contentment.
  • تفائل / tafa’ul (n.) optimism.
  • متلألئة / moutala’ll’a (n.) sparkling; bright
  • عاشق / oushk (n.) adoration; love.
  • جميل / gamil (adj.) beautiful
  • خلاص / najaat (n.) salvation
  • جميلة / gamila (n.) sweetheart
  • يا روحي / ya rouhi (n.) my soul; you are my soul
  • شوق / shawq (n.) longing
  • عُيُونِي / uyuni (n.) translates to “my eyes”. an endearment for a romantic lover.
  • صَدِيق / sadeeq (n.) a trusted, close friend
  • انتصار / intisar (adj.) triumphant, victory
  • نور‎ / noor (n.) a radiant light; one who lights the universe

These beautiful Arabic words were picked out from various websites and blogs, including Reddit, Quora, Pinterest and Tumblr. If there are other Arabic words that you’d like to see here (or a different language or word list you’d like to see on this website), leave a comment and let us know! While I do look at websites, books, articles and lyrics for inspiration with these beautiful words, I write all of the meanings myself – so if you see anything on the internet that looks a little too similar to what we have here, let us know as it’s unintentional and I’d love to be able to fix it.

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