Beautiful Words in Latin

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Being the language that all Romance languages are derived from, Latin words are widely recognised, even if we don’t know it. Latin was used as a language of learning and administration, and it remains a part of medical, legal, theological and educational lexicons. Even though Latin is now thought of as a dying language, the atmosphere of dignity and scholarship remains and it’s plain to see Latin’s influence on English while going through lists of words.

Latin has a pretty epic history and is known as a classical language, which means that it is ancient, is of an independent tradition (rather than being an offshoot of another) and has a massive, varied, and complex body of literature. Unfortunately, classical languages are generally dying or dead languages – meaning that they’re no longer spoken as a native language in any country, so there isn’t much reason to learn it apart from interest and curiosity. It’s difficult to find classes as well, since they aren’t viable languages to offer for many schools due to their limited functionality. Latin has been wildly influential in the formation of other languages – all of the Romance languages were derived from it, and a large part of the English vocabulary has taken from Latin as well.

List of Beautiful Words in Latin

  • odeion (n.) a building used for musical competitions
  • aurora (n.) dawn
  • machina (n.) machine
  • credere (v.) to believe or think.
  • vis (n.) power, force, or energy
  • lux (n.) light
  • lacuna (n.) an empty or blank space.
  • minutiae (n.) the tiny and precise details that make something individual and unique.
  • apricity (n.) the warmth of a winter sun.
  • redamans (v.) the act of loving in return.
  • bellator (adj.) a fighter; warlike
  • desideratum (n.) something wanted or desired
  • scintilla (n.) spark
  • spatium (n.) space
  • tempus (n.) time
  • mysterium (n.) a mystery
  • fulminata (adj.) shining, glinting, “armed with lightning”.
  • lupin (n.) wolf
  • taciturnitas (n.) silence
  • simile (adj.) alike
  • aster (n.) a star
  • inchoatus (n.) unfinished, something only just begun.
  • jejunus (adj.) hungry
  • adamo (v.) to fall in love
  • amicus (n.) a friend or comrade
  • animi (adj.) at heart, earnest
  • clementia (n.) mercy, care, or humanity.
  • cogito (v.) to think or consider.
  • aureas (adj.) golden
  • cupio (adj.) to crave or desire
  • benevolentia (n.) kindness, goodwill.
  • caelestis (adj.) celestial, heavenly
  • carisma (n.) a gift or present.
  • maritima (n.) the sea
  • obscura (adj.) dark
  • beata (n.) happy
  • scribillare (v.) to write quickly and carelessly; almost recklessly
  • fabula (n.) a fable, story or play
  • hora (n.) hour
  • iuppiter (n.) jupiter
  • juniperus (n.) juniper
  • lacrima (n.) plant tears
  • lenis (adj.) smooth, gentle, mild.
  • leo (n.) lion
  • leviter (adj.) lightly, softly, slightly.
It was actually quite difficult to compile a comprehensive word list of beautiful Latin words, as I wasn’t able to use language learning sites like FluentU, Babbel, or BBC (it’s uncommon for people to want to learn Latin these days, so not many learning sites find it a worthwhile language to feature) and many “word” lists were actually lists of phrases. That being said, if you are interested in furthering your Latin education, there are definitely some great sites out there like or If you’d like to find more Latin words but aren’t too fussed about learning grammar, punctuation or syntax at this point, then you can always use Google Translate to help you translate random words or entire websites for you.

These beautiful Latin words were picked out from various websites and blogs, including Reddit, Quora, Pinterest and Tumblr. Since Latin isn’t featured on my usual language learning websites, I used Latin-English dictionaries instead, like, Oxford Dictionaries and If there are other Latin words that you’d like to see here (or a different language or word list you’d like to see on this website), leave a comment and let us know! While I do look at websites, books, articles and lyrics for inspiration with these beautiful words, I write all of the meanings myself – so if you see anything on the internet that looks a little too similar to what we have here, let us know as it’s unintentional and I’d love to be able to fix it.

As always, if you see anything that needs to be corrected, edited, updated or removed, let me know! We’re do try to be as careful and accurate as possible, but that can be difficult with other languages so collaborative help is always appreciated. Get in contact and we’ll sort things out as quick as we can.

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