Elegant Words

Hey there and welcome to our entry on elegant words.

At first glance, a list of elegant words might seem too similar to a list of pretty words or beautiful words to be worth making – but it does fill a bit of a niche that beautiful and pretty miss, especially on a specialised word site like this. If you’ve had a look at our collections of Beautiful Words and Pretty Words, you’ll know that we’ve judged beautiful words to be those that are profound and affecting in meaning as well as being lovely to see and hear, while pretty words are aesthetically pleasing but not necessarily of importance. Elegant words are more to do with a certain type of beauty – a feeling of dignity, grace, and delicacy. These are words that have elegant sounds, and give off a feeling of opulence and luxury – which is basically what elegance is about – a beauty that is refined. Have a look through and hopefully enjoy our growing list of elegant words:

We’ve tried to fill this list up with words that give a certain feeling of refined beauty; things that evoke a sense of grace, delicacy, and gravitas. As such, a lot of these words are not descriptive of feelings and experiences the way other beautiful words are, but tend to be more focused on adjectives (like dappled, or aromatic, which brings forth images of sunlit afternoons and low-lit dinners) and nouns (like talisman and caramel – things that make me think of opulent metals gleaming in the dark, and sumptuous desserts). This was a very fun list to compile and we definitely hope that it was a great experience for you to read through them as well!
  • dappled (adj.) imprecisely spotted; dotted with rounded patches.
  • swirl (v.) to move or cause something to move in a circular, spiralling movement.
  • velvet (n.) an extremely soft woven fabric with a thick, short pile on one side.
  • evocative (adj.) arousing thoughts of feelings, experiences or memories.
  • nebulous (adj.) imprecise, vague, blurry. an indistinct form.
  • diaphanous (adj.) a sheer, floaty substance – usually used in reference to fabric.
  • aromatic (adj.) sweetly or pleasingly scented; usually used to refer to herbs, spices, food or plants.
  • delicate (adj.) of a fine structure, or possessing dainty features or traits.
  • talisman (n.) a charm for good luck and protection.
  • cinnamon (n.) a mildly sweet and aromatic spice.
  • intricate (adj.) finely detailed.
  • cumulus (n.) rounded, fluffy clouds at a low altitude.
  • gravitas (n.) solemn dignity; heavily impressive.
  • opulent (adj.) lush, luxurious.
  • polished (adj.) buffed to a gleaming shine.
  • caramel (n.) heated sugar.
  • sumptuous (adj.) impressively rich; usually used in reference to food.
  • enchant (v.) to charm.
  • chrysalis (n.) an insect pupa.
  • sentiment (n.) a held feeling or opinion.
  • resplendent (adj.) gloriously attractive; luxurious.
  • gazelle (n.) a small, antelope. usually used as an adjective or simile for grace.
  • evanescent (adj.) short-lived, quick to fade.
  • panacea (n.) a universal solution or remedy (used in the context of diseases as well as general life difficulties).
  • revel (v.) to joyously experience, enjoy and live a moment.
  • pyrrhic (adj.) a victory earned at too great a cost to be considered worth the win.
  • frost (n.) a cluster of small ice crystals on a surface.
  • lavender (n.) a light purple, aromatic plant; a mauve colour.
  • elegy (n.) a solemn poem, usually written in remembrance for the dead.
  • azure (n.) a bright, vibrant blue.
  • cultivate (v.) a method of growth and maintenance, usually referring to plants, life philosophies and behaviours.
  • felicity (n.) a vibrant, wild joy.
  • glow (v.) to gently gleam or shine, usually with a soft, warm light.
  • graceful (adj.) moving with delicacy and awareness.
  • sublime (adj.) overwhelmingly beautiful.
  • harmonious (adj.) well-matched; in agreement.
  • crimson (n.) a dark, bold red.
  • axiom (n.) a statement considered to be true and established.
  • chiffon (n.) a light, gauzy fabric.
  • idyllic (adj.) peaceful tranquillity.
  • eloquent (adj.) fluent at expression, well-spoken.
  • lilt (n.) a gentle, rhythmic swinging motion.
  • incandescent (adj.) glowing with light.


We hope you enjoyed reading through this list! Inspiration for these words were taken from different textual sources both offline and online (and sometimes by just lying back and forcing my brain to think of some pretty sounding words). Websites like Reddit, Quora, Pinterest, and Tumblr were all very helpful, as were Copic’s colour charts and W3’s CSS colour lists. While I do look at outside sources for inspiration, I am always sure to write the meanings by myself. If you come across anything on the internet that looks shadily similar, be assured that it’s unintentional and let me know – I’ll get onto any necessary corrections as quick as I can.

If you see anything here that needs to be updated, corrected, or deleted, or you have suggestions and ideas for some elegant words (or for a new word list entirely) send us an email or leave a comment! We’d love to hear your ideas.

Until next time – be nice to kids, eat some veggies, and we’ll see you soon 🙂

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