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While pretty and beautiful are largely synonymous and are often used interchangeably, they do have their differences. Pretty tends to be used in reference to outer appearances only, while beauty is generally understood to be a favourable compliment about the inner workings of something or someone, or about all of the parts as a whole. Pretty is also used as a term for something that is pleasing but of little consequence, unlike something with a beautiful meaning, which is usually expected to be more thought-provoking. If we apply this to words, this means that we have a list that can include words that simply sound pretty, words that have pretty meanings, or a combination of both – but with the understanding that these words are not as affecting or profound as a beautiful word or meaning might be.

With these things in mind, we’ve packed this list with lovely words that have soft syllables, crisp consonant combinations (and wow check out that alliteration, am I right?) and cheerful, uplifting meanings.

As well as pretty being used as a descriptor for things or people that are winsome or pleasant-looking but not necessarily important or worthy of an impression, pretty words can also be used as a compliment or label for things that are smaller, younger, more juvenile or immature in nature. This is especially evident when we look at the meaning of the word pretty itself (see’s definition)- being attractive in a delicate way without being actually beautiful. When looking at this meaning, we can understand that pretty is along the spectrum of being beautiful without actually reaching it, which is why we’re able to have a separate, distinct section for pretty words on this website of beautiful words.Since pretty has such a broad meaning and application, there are many other words for pretty than can be used – some synonyms for pretty have been included in the list – words like fetching, charming, dainty, and darling. We’ve also aimed to find words that mean pretty, or are simply pretty sounding words – like nymph, lithe, graceful and lissom. For another list of great ideas, be sure to check out Huffington Post’s list of 15 Beautiful Sounding Words What Will Have you Running for the Dictionary. Pretty can also be used as a term of measure – to describe a quantity that is fair or moderate – “she’s pretty strong” or “that’s pretty lovely”. It can refer to sounds, people, places, weather, and objects (usually small, sparkly things like trinkets or jewellery) but oddly enough not for ideas or concepts (unlike beautiful, which can be used for both – “What a beautiful idea!” “When I understood it, I could see how beautiful the concept really was.” Pretty is also seen to be more informal that beautiful is, and is usually imagined as describing things of a smaller, more delicate stature, unless it’s being used to describe an amount or measure. The informality of pretty and other words that mean pretty can be seen in these examples: “That’s pretty big” is more much colloquial and possibly friendlier than the statement, “That’s moderately large,” which means that pretty its synonyms get much more use in everyday, casual language. Another interesting difference between pretty words and beautiful words is that pretty can be used in describing negative ideas or situations, whereas beautiful cannot – “That was pretty bad,” is a perfectly acceptable and easily understandable observation, while “That was beautifully awful,” is not. So be sure to keep all of these distinctions and differences in mind while reading through this list of lovely words and their pretty synonyms, since there are quite a few subtleties.

  • eesome (adj.) something beautiful, aesthetically pleasing.
  • matutine (adj.) the slice of morning just before dawn
  • iridescent (adj.) a shimmering play of different colours
  • kairos (n.) a crucial moment where everything comes together for a certain action or decision. a brief and perfect moment.
  • caim (n.) an invisible and intangible safe space drawn around your body with your hand to remind you that you are loved and safe. literally translates to “sanctuary”.
  • melomania (n.) a wild and enthusiastic love for music.
  • euphoria (n.) a dizzying state of intense bliss
  • pique (v.) to stir an interest or emotion.
  • eldritch (adj.) something otherworldly, eerie.
  • kalopsia (n.) the incorrect notion that things are more lovely or better than they actually are
  • winsome (adj) sweetly pretty, charming.
  • sophist (n.) a philosophy teacher, generally associated with moral scepticism.
  • whimsical (adj.) playfully impulsive
  • curio (n.) a fantastic, mysterious object
  • trinket (n.) a small, inexpensive piece of jewellery or decoration
  • diaphonous (adj.) near-intangible; delicate
  • balter (v.) dancing aimlessly and without much grace or talent, but usually with great joy
  • dusk (n.) the ending of the day.
  • impish (adj.) cheeky, mischievous.
  • cerise (n.) a bright, vibrant pink.
  • rosy (adj.) colour reminiscent of a pink or red rose.
  • celestial (adj.) of heaven, or relating to it.
  • hazel (n.) a reddish or greenish brown.
  • beatific (adj.) the feeling and/or expression of great delight and joy; an evidently blissful state of mind
  • somnolent (adj.) sleepiness; or inducing a drowsy state
  • vivacious (adj.) filled with an uplifting energy; cheerful and lively in a way that is magnetic and lovely to be around
  • seraphic (adj.) beautiful; prettily serene and blissful in appearance.
  • blossom (n.) a flower or bunch of flowers
  • twinkling (adj.) gleaming with a varying shine.
  • labyrinthine (adj.) maze-like, twisting and turning.
  • aestival (adj.) a thing or event that happens in summer.
  • precious (adj.) of great value – not necessarily of the economic kind
  • darling (n.) something or someone that is very dear and/or loved; pretty, appealing.
  • radiant (adj) bright with happiness; beautiful, joyous and pretty.
  • delight (v.) great joy or pleasure.
  • whelve (v.) to deeply bury or hide something.
  • capricious (adj.) unpredictable in thought and action; impulsive.
  • cherish (v.) to care for something or someone carefully and lovingly; to be devoted
  • clinquant (adj.) sparkling, shimmering with decoration.
  • delicious (adj.) flavourful, tasty.
  • latibule (n.) a safe space of comfort; a place to hide
  • aesthete (n.) someone with a great sense of appreciation for beauty, nature, and/or art.
  • relucent (adj.) brightness, reflected light.
  • exquisite (adj.) intensely affecting; profoundly beautiful
  • dainty (adj.) delicately pretty, fragile
  • cascade (n.) a process of falling that happens in several stages; a little waterfall


We hope you enjoyed looking at all of these words for pretty! There were so many words meaning pretty that it did get difficult to sift through them all – we tried to focus on words that were not too thoughtful, profound, or complex in meaning as well as sound. So pretty sounding (yet largely inconsequential words) like “peachy” and “lilt” seemed entirely appropriate to us to make the cut for this collection of pretty words, while more soulful words like “eternitarian” and “adomania” seemed a bit too heavy. However, like all subjective topics, this is a matter of opinion and (unfortunately) I am not the arbiter of all things Good, Pretty and Beautiful – so if you have disagreements on this collection of pretty sounding words, please be sure to let us know and we’ll update and add to our assortment of pretty synonyms for you as quickly and efficiently as we can.

These pretty sounding words were collected from many different places around the internet, although I never take the meanings from other sites – I always write them myself. If you do happen to find something written here that looks a little too much like something else, please let me know and I’ll work to differentiate our wording as quick as I can. Likewise, if you find mistakes, meanings that are now obsolete and need updating, or even just a missing bit of punctuation, get in contact and let me know.

Sites like Reddit, Quora, Tumblr, Pinterest,, and were all very helpful in providing ideas for this list of pretty words. Reading random little snippets of books, lyrics, and fragments of articles on the internet also gave me ideas for words to use. If you have a suggestion for a pretty sounding word, or a word that means pretty, let us know! We’re also happy to include other synonyms for pretty should you have them.

As always, our best wishes to you on your web-travels, linguistic or otherwise – hope to see you soon and stay away from scary sites <3