Words with Beautiful Meanings

Hey there and welcome to our list of words with beautiful meanings.

We tend to have an instinctive sense for what an aesthetically beautiful word is – something that looks nice, sounds pretty, and maybe even feels elegant to say or write. It’s a subjective quality that we tend to be able to judge without deep analysis, and can change from person to person. But what about beautiful meanings? Some research into this shows that when it comes to single words (rather than quotes), people tend to prefer those that are intense in meaning and provoke some sort of emotion, whether positive or negative. Beauty is usually judged to be something of a profound and affecting quality; something that is a universally recognised and understood feeling or experience, like loneliness or humility. So with these things in mind, we’ve tried to compile a list of words that evoke widely felt sentiments while still looking and sounding aesthetically pleasing.

A great place to find more words with beautiful meanings is at the Rare and Beautiful Words Tumblr – http://rareandbeautifulwords.tumblr.com/. In addition to a list having rare words with beautiful meanings, it can also leave a lasting impression if they’re shared in a certain context – like a love letter or a serious conversation with an old friend. If they’re particularly unusual words with beautiful meanings or unique words with deep meaning, then this can also help build a feeling of intimacy between people when they share these words with each other (which is pretty much the reason behind people having pet names for each other, but that’s a whole ‘nother topic). People can get a lot of pleasure and satisfaction reading, collecting, and sharing words with deep meanings, so let’s get to it. We hope you enjoy our growing list of rare words with beautiful meanings – we’ve tried to fill it with words that are positive, uplifting, unique, unusual, rare, personal, meaningful, and profound.
  • oneirataxia (n.) an inability to delineate between fantasy and real, waking life
  • aesthete (adj.) someone with a great sensitivity to the beauty and wonder of art and nature.
  • dormiveglia (n.) the state and space between sleeping and waking.
  • novaturient (adj.) craving or seeking a powerful change in one’s life, behaviour or situation.
  • anagapesis (n.) no longer feeling any affection for a person you once loved.
  • eternitarian (n.) a person who believes in souls and their immortal nature
  • gibel (n.) a state of being that is not quite death, but may as well be – existing in a way that is not living, deteriorating in a way that is painful for others to see
  • quiescence (n.) a meditative state of peaceful calm and tranquility.
  • adomania (n.) the feeling that the future is moving towards you more quickly than you’re prepared for
  • eudaemonia (n.) the happiness of living a virtuous, effortful and progressive life.
  • induratize (v.) to harden your heart with the intent of making it resistant to love or affection.
  • intertextuality (n.) the interrelationship between texts; deepening your understanding of one text through your knowledge of another. the idea that texts do not have endings or beginnings because other texts exist.
  • myth (n.) a story that exists to explain natural phenomena.
  • redamancy (v.) the act of loving in return.
  • empathy (n.) the ability to experience the feelings of others.
  • epistemology (n.) the study and theory of knowledge.
  • kalokagathia (n): the good and beautiful in a person
  • jaaneman (n): a gender-neutral endearment; the equivalent of sweetheart or darling.
  • efflorescence (n.) flowering.
  • epitome (n.) the peak of something; a perfect occurrence
  • vim (n.) vitality; energy.
  • transcendent (adj.) not bound by ordinary limits; surpassing boundaries and expectations
  • transient (adj.) short-lived, impermanent.
  • halcyon (adj.) a tranquil, peaceful state or place.
  • diegetic (n.) something that exists only in the experience of a narrative, like the music in a film or a character’s thoughts in a book.
  • sentient (n.) possessing the capacity to subjectively feel and experience.
  • illuminate (v.) to brighten or light up.
  • equilibrium (n.) a balance of opposing forces.
  • peace (n.) a calm state, free from distractions and disturbances.
  • utopia (n.) a fantastical state (usually a place) of perfection.
  • enigma (n.) a mystery or puzzle that is wildly difficult to comprehend or solve.
  • emergence (n.) the process of coming into being or awareness.
  • verdant (adj.) richly green, abundant and lush with plant life.
  • ken (n.) awareness; the bounds of a person’s knowledge.
  • extramundane (adj.) beyond the scope and realm of the physical world.
  • epoch (n.) a segment of time or history.
  • holocene (adj.) of or relating to the current time and bit of history we exist in.
  • lyrical (adj.) a creative expression of emotion.
  • emote (v.) to display emotion.
  • kef (n.) a peaceful, dreamy state.
We hope you enjoyed this list of words with beautiful meanings! It was an excellent experience to be trekking through so many texts and sites looking for such life-affirming, unusual words with beautiful meanings. We found that such words with deep meanings tended to be focused quite soundly on life philosophies, emotions, experiences and the expression of the memory of these things. Should you think of or find any unique words with deep meaning that we missed, please feel free to let us know.

This collection of words with beautiful meanings was inspired by my literary travels through the internet and printed media. In particular, websites like Reddit, Quora, Tumblr, Pinterest, Thesaurus.com and Dictionary.com were all a great help, as were passing and quickly-read fragments of articles and texts. While I do hunt around for textual inspiration for these words, I am careful to write the meanings by myself – so if you find a similar-looking thing on the internet, those similarities were not of my design. Let me know and I’ll make any necessary changes quick as I can.

Please also let me know if there are any edits to be made – if there are things to be updated, punctuated, switched around or completely removed, leave a comment or send an email through. I appreciate all of your help and I’ll make corrections as soon as I can. If there are any words you think we’ve missed or you have suggestions for a new word list, let us know about that too!

Until next time – have fun on the big wide web, be nice to people and drink plenty of water. See you soon!